Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's in my bag - December 2011

I've been using my Lowepro bag for nearly 8 months now. The contents have fallen in to a settled pattern so I thought I would share with you what I carry. Read the original post for details about the bag and why I chose this particular bag.

So in the front row from left to right:
  • My iPod Touch 64 GB - I use this a lot for music, checking emails, Twitter etc etc. It is never far from my side!
  • Nokia C5-00 mobile phone - This is set up as my UK mobile, it has lots of great facilities built in which are great when I'm travelling back in UK
  • Nokia 6300i mobile phone - This is my French mobile phone, a basic phone which is just used for calls and text messaging. I fitted a new battery to this recently and it works fine. 
  • Sachets of decaff coffee - I've not been able to drink normal coffee for over 20 years now, so I always carry my own with me! These sachets are a simple way of making sure I have some with me. 
  • Pens - A marker pen and a couple of Pilot Frixion gel pens, I like these pens a lot. 
  • Headphones - Just some standard Apple earphones for use with the iPod 
  • Tape Measure
  • Car Key
  • Compact Camera - I carry a Fuji Finepix JX200 with me, it's simple and takes reasonable pictures for a compact, when I don't have my DSLR with me.
In the next row again from left to right:
  • Headphones for the Nokia C5, useful for listening to the radio whilst on a train or as use as a hands free phone whilst walking. 
  • A pocket magnifier - Sadly my eyes aren't what they used to be, so this comes in handy for looking at very small print. 
  • Mini Malden - My wallet Filofax at the moment. 
  • Personal Malden - My information hub, diary, contacts, information, maps etc. 
  • Hand cleaning gel - Useful after refilling the car with fuel, to get rid of the smell of diesel!
  • Tic Tac Mints
  • Small Maglite Touch
  • Cleaning cloth - This is a multi fibre soft cloth very useful for wiping clean displays or for cleaning my glasses or sun glasses. I just give it a wash every so often and it comes up clean every time.
  • Not shown, my reading glasses case..
And at the back the bag itself, which is shaping up very well. I don't find it too big or too small. 
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