Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Messenger Bag

As you will recall I'm a happy user of a 'man bag' or in my case a camera bag with out the internal inserts, which I use for carrying all of my everyday clutter around with me, I hate stuff in my pockets, and I tend not to forget things if they are in my bag!

This is still working well, but I recently became the owner of an iPad and also I'm in the throws of moving over to the more regular use of the A5 Filofax.

The existing bag will just about take an A5, but it's a bit of a squeeze, but it will not take the iPad safely. Not quite big enough. I have an old 12" Targa laptop bag that I've used for a few years, it will take the A5 ok and the iPad ok, the main problem with it is that being a laptop case, it has a zip that goes around three sides of the bag, so you are always looking for a flat surface for it before you open it. Not ideal.

So looking on the Lowepro site I noticed that one of their new product ranges called the Event Messenger has provision for the iPad in a padded compartment and when I checked the dimensions it was plenty big enough in height and width for an A5 Malden. Perfect, so I ordered the Event Messenger 150 which is the medium size of the range. I hate bags that are too big!

So this is also a combination of tablet/camera bag, but the internal dividers all come out, so you can reconfigure the internal space as you need. The interior is soft and well padded too.

I've left one vertical divider in and I can tuck my reading glasses in at the end.

As well as a broad strap there is also a carry handle useful when you are lifting it in and out of the car. There's also a slim outside pocket on the rear side of the bag, which will be fine for travel documents and the like.

Here it is with an A5 Malden and an A5 Finsbury, both 30 mm ring models, and tucked in the back section is my iPad in it's leather case.

In the front there is also a full width zip pocket with pockets for things like mobile phones, iPods, compact cameras, pens, memory cards etc.

The flap secures with a clip and two velcro strips. The shoulder strap is broad and has a padded shoulder pad as well, so it's quite comfortable to carry fully loaded.  There are also elasticated pockets on the outside at each end with expand to take a small bottle of water or similar.

Like my other man bag/day bag it will take my camera gear... but I have a dedicated Lowepro camera bag for that!

Why two A5's? Well one for my regular planning and organising... and the other one is my 'work' A5 for when we are doing property searches, so this bag will carry everything I need when we are doing our 'Phil and Kirsty' act around the Loire Valley as part of LTPS. Generally though I would only be carrying one A5 (the Malden) which then leaves plenty of room inside for other goodies and lightens the load a bit too.

Here is a video from Lowepro about the range...

Event Messenger
from Lowepro on Vimeo.

In case you are wondering the iPad case is a leather one made by Kavaj, their 'London' model. Unlike some that are on sale it is real leather not PU leather!

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