Friday, October 22, 2010

Camera Bags and cases...

Yes it was camera bags of one sort or another that confirmed my own bag obsession!  I don't have a huge number, but it's other bags and cases that have been added over the years that increased the total number.

Now I live in France there is of course 'the Man Bag' which I am sort of using and you might have seen my post on Philofaxy. But I still look at some of the bags around.

I don't like bags that are way too big for what I'm carrying around at the time. My camera bag is more or less full, hardly a cubic centimetre is spare inside it, it contains two complete SLR cameras and lens to suit.

With cases, it's things for my iPod, and Sat Nav and all those other things that almost essential for modern life these days!!

Over the coming weeks I hope to post some articles about the various bags and cases I own, they might give you some ideas or inspiration, but also help you realise that may be you aren't quite as mad as you thought!!!


  1. Let the enabling begin!!

    Timbuk2, the fantabulous bag company out of San Fran USA has just come out with the "Snoop Camera Bag", which is modular to let you move compartments around on the the inside to accommodate your cameras, lenses, etc.

    I have a couple Timbuk2 messenger bags and LOVE THEM. Check it out...

  2. You are getting your own back now Yv!

    That bag looks very interesting, I will have to check the dimensions later, my usual problem is the height of my camera, because it always has the battery grip attached it's overall height is quite a bit more than a normal camera. My current bag just about copes!

  3. Steve, I bought a Timbuk2 bag on Yv's suggestion. It's a great bag. I have yet to use it only because it was purchased with the idea of using it as a city bag and I have not been back to NYC since I bought it. I can't wait to use it though. This camera bag sounds great - I only have a small digital camera and so would not need it for that. But a bag that can be made into what I need it to be sounds wonderful!

  4. Kanalt: I have a Timbuk2 city bag (small messenger)...maybe I'll carry that today so that you can check it out in person : ) I need a break from Coach anyway, lol!!

  5. Yvotchka wanders in to bag closet.... never to be seen again... unless of course they are all beautifully stored in cotton bags on shelves and labelled... I think we need a post with pictures Yv...

    Don't be late....


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