Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Day Bag

It's nearly a year since we moved here to France and I started using my 'man bag' on a daily basis, I guess you might have read the post I put on Philofaxy. I find this size of bag quite a convenient size of bag to use most of the time and it's perfect of a pocket Filofax and my other clutter I carry.

However, it it more or less full all the time and it is too small if I also want to carry a personal size Filofax. I have numerous bags that are considerably bigger, but they are almost too big for daily use. I've looked and been tempted by TimBuk2 and RickShaw bags, but their availability this side of the Atlantic was one of the limiting factors.

So in order to look for something slightly larger I started looking at what size of bag I actually needed. It was essential that it could take a personal size Filofax in addition to things like my reading glasses (can't cope without them these days!), my mobile phone needed to be easily accessible, space for other things but preferably in pockets rather than rattling around in a mess.

There are a lot of bags on the market, but in the end I started to look again at my favourite Lowepro camera bags. The one thing I like about this brand is that they make bags in various styles and in many sizes in increments from small to large, so it was relatively easy to choose a bag style I liked and then pick the size I needed. They are also good quality and good value for money.

I found their customer service people very helpful in answering questions about my target bag to ask if the padded dividers could be removed which they can.

I didn't really need another camera bag, I have two quite large ones all ready and my camera with it's add-on grip/battery pack is quite a bulky item, so I concentrated on my other requirements first.  The grip does detach, but I prefer to use it with the grip on all the time.

I also found You Tube useful for looking at video reviews people had done about possible bags I had chosen from the range of bags available.

So the decision was eventually made and I ordered my bag from Amazon, it arrived within 3 days from Amazon UK which I thought was quite quick.

And here is my new bag, it's a Lowepro Nova 170 AW in Ultramarine Blue, yes a bit of colour co-ordination to my new car! But it was also available in black and beige. I am very much a blue person so there wasn't much of a decision to be made there.

The bag has a main compartment, plus other pockets and additional elasticated pockets at either end. In addition to the carry handle there is a decent shoulder strap too.

Here it is with my film camera minus it's battery grip and a flash gun. The flap over cover is zipped and there is a buckle too.

Take out the camera gear and one of the padded dividers which are held in using velcro and it becomes a great bag for a Filofax or two!

This is my personal Malden and my French English dictionary and there is still plenty of room to the left for my reading glasses to slip in. The outer zipped pocket will hold my compact camera and the zip pocket in the outside flap will be the perfect place for my phone.

Then I thought I wonder what it will hold without any dividers in it...

Yes it will take an A5 Filofax, in this case my grey A5 Malden, so there are lots of Filofax possibilities with this bag!!

I'm very pleased with my new 'addition' I'm sure it will get a lot of use in the coming summer months.


  1. Brilliant! I love multi-use products. I have a Lowepro camera bag, it still holds my first Pentax first camera love :O)

  2. Handsome bag, indeed. I wish more men carried bags over here in the US. My husband carries the ubiquitous laptop carrier/briefcase/messenger thing for workdays and has a very small Tumi to carry otherwise, but the Tumi never sees the light of day anymore, for whatever reason. Maybe he'd carry it more if I refused to carry his stuff in MY bag when he wants to offload keys, wallet, passport, tickets, etc.

  3. One of my reasons for using a 'Man Bag' which are very common here in France and some of them are quite expensive, like ladies hand bag expensive... is that I'm terrible for putting things down and then just as we are about to go out I get in to a panic trying to find things.

    It doesn't do me any good at all, so I find keeping everything together in a bag is great I know that a quick check of the bag, zip it up and I'm ready to go. When we are out I don't have the discomfort of lots of stuff weighing down my pockets in a jacket or trousers. It is all neatly contained in the bag on my shoulder.

    I've got quite used to it now and I would find it quite difficult to go back to not using a bag.

  4. Excellent! I love any bag that will accommodate any Filo, or multiple Filos!

    Roanne - I find myself carrying my husband's items often as well. He'll ask why I "need" to carry such a big bag. My response is "Because I have to carry your stuff as well as my own." Any time I ask him to hold my bag, he holds it like it's a ticking time bomb, like he's doing it unwillingly so that other men know it's not his. I tease him about it all the time.

    I wish he would carry a man bag for the simple reason that we're always hunting down his stuff before we leave the house. I would think that keeping everything in a bag would eliminate that. But somehow, I don't think so. He has a bin where everything is supposed to go for that reason. But these items are rarely found where they're "supposed to" be.


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