Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Filofax that isn't an organiser....

I love receiving parcels in the post... especially when they come in a Filofax box

But this one is quite small and slim...

I've been looking around for that 'perfect wallet' for a while now. They are either too big (I had several in my chest of drawers) or too small. As some of you will know I've used Filofax organisers successfully as a wallet/note book for some time. But occasionally when I'm not lugging everything around in my man bag then a slim but functional wallet comes in handy.  Given my love for everything Filofax... especially when it has the name Malden involved in it... I had to have a look the different ones on offer during a visit to Neal Street in November.

I saw it... liked it, but didn't buy it. The full price was £40 and I'd already spent about that already that day on a Malden Mini and other Filofax related things! So I left it and slept on it etc.

Then in the run up to Christmas I was looking around for present ideas and stumbled across this Malden wallet on the City Organiser site, at a much reduced price compared to the Filofax website. So after Christmas I looked again and also discovered they had a 15% off discount code... That was the decider, at £24.65 it was mine....

It arrived in a nice big padded envelope in about 4 days from ordering which considering it had to come to France was quite good. I got the usual 'What have your brought now' look!!! But some approving words when Mrs M saw it wasn't another organiser!

So here is the Malden Portrait Wallet, this is the front.

On the bank there is a slip pocket, useful for slipping in a travel card or shopping note.

Open it up there is 6 card slots on the left (more than enough for me) and on the right there is a large pocket for change, this is essential and the failing of other wallets I've used, many of them don't have any facility for coins.

The left hand side folds out again to reveal two mesh pockets, handy for documents. Where are the rings!!! A Filofax product without rings!

From above there is a full width pocket which is divided over it's length to form two slots for bank notes and receipts.

So here it is with my cards in place.

And my health documents and drivers licence.

Malden Wallet and Cuban Zip..

Malden wallet and Malden personal Filofax. I should have taken a picture of it with a Malden pocket, the Pocket is taller, and obviously quite a bit thicker.

The only down side of this wallet is it's not quite tall enough to also carry my passport, which will fit in to a Filofax Pocket comfortably. So I now put that in my car document wallet that I also have to carry all the time anyway.

However, like Filofax organisers I'm quite comfortable swapping the contents from the wallet to a pocket or mini Filofax... Maldens in each case!

So for that guy in your life that wants a practical wallet I can recommend the Filofax Malden Portrait Wallet.


  1. GUY??? Heck, I would LOVE to have this in my handbag. Perfect.

  2. Still think it's crazy that we were both convinced your passport would fit, but it's a great wallet anyway!

  3. One of my friends uses a Mini Chameleon as a wallet, though I don't think she actually uses the pages for anything yet, she was going to use it as a notebook and put photos in I think


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